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  Neoprene slabs and
  neoprene sheets

  Neoprene wetsuits

  Rash guard, swimming suits

  Neoprene cooler bags

  Neoprene gift bags

  Neoprene sporting support

  Neoprene/fleece gloves

  Neoprene hood and mask

  Neoprene socks

  Neoprene fishing goods

  Neoprene boots

  Neoprene goods for hunting

  Kayak. Rafting sporting goods

  Horse rider goods

  Bags, wallets


DongGuan City Liaobu Xinlong Sportinggoods Manufacturer 
Address: Fushan Industry.Liaobu Town.DongGuan City.GuandDong.China.
Tel: 0769-89160721/82311226

Fax: 0769-89160720

Contact: Miss Wendy Hsieh