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The correct way to clean the wetsuit

Wet suits are a more popular thermal protection method among scuba divers. They are simple to use and not expensive. Wet suits are made of neoprene and filled with small bubbles. There are many sizes of wetsuits, 2~9mm options. The greater the thickness, the warmer the wetsuit will be. However, the 5~6mm wetsuit will be heavier and uncomfortable to wear.
   Wet suits must be very close to the body, so as to provide better protection. Once you enter the water, a thin layer of water will enter your wetsuit, filling between the skin and the internal test of the wetsuit. This layer of water can slowly rise to the level of your body temperature and keep your skin warm during the dive. Some people prefer to customize the wetsuit according to their body shape. If you also have a customized wetsuit, you can specify some details, colors and other additional settings that are not available in the ready-made wetsuit.
  Maintenance and maintenance of wet suit:
1. Rinse with clean water after each dive and dry it thoroughly before storage. After each dive, the diving suit may have salt residue or dirt, so it must be thoroughly cleaned to avoid the neoprene from being corroded; it must be completely cleaned before storage. Let it dry to ensure that the wetsuit is clean, odorless, and to prevent mildew.
   2. The zipper of the wet suit should be lubricated regularly to prevent the degradation of metal or plastic.
  3. Please avoid direct sunlight during storage. Exposure to the sun all year round may cause the neoprene to be decomposed.
  4. Machine wash with mild detergent or clean the sunscreen by hand on a regular basis. Although cleaning after each dive can keep it clean, regular cleaning is still essential because it can ensure that no residual dirt or grit remains. You can purchase neoprene special cleaning agents, sealants and zipper lubricants to keep the wetsuit clean and seal it.
   5. Hang the wetsuit on a wide hanger to dry to prevent the neoprene from deforming.
  6. ​​The wetsuits and perforations can be repaired with professional wetsuit adhesives.
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