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What are the material descriptions of the main fabrics of the diving suit

A diving suit is a diving equipment used to prevent the body temperature from losing too fast during diving, causing loss of temperature, and it can also protect divers from reefs or harmful animals and plants.
   The difference between nylon and Lycra: In its surface cloth, one is nylon cloth and the other is lycra cloth. Lycra fabric has more threads per unit area and dense knitting, so it is more wear-resistant. In addition, the elasticity of lycra is better, so the diving suit made of lycra is less deformed.
  The life span of a kind of fabric: Lycra wetsuit will last longer than nylon wetsuit.
   The price of two kinds of fabrics: Nylon fabrics have a place in the market mainly because of their relatively low prices. Relatively speaking, the price of Lycra fabrics is relatively high.
  Non-functional choice: As there are many colors available for Lycra fabrics on the market, if you want your diving suit to be dazzling and beautiful in the water, then Lycra fabrics will be a better choice.
   Wetsuit can not only keep warm, but also protect you from scratches, stabs, abrasions, etc. from coral reefs. Generally speaking, the following three basic styles are popular on the market, namely jellyfish suits (tight suits), wet suits, and dry suits.
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