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The role of yoga belt

The role of yoga belt
  1. The waist protector has the effect of compression. Put a certain pressure on the muscles to adjust the balance of exercise force. To a certain extent, strengthen muscle strength and reduce swelling. Muscles are stimulated during exercise. Appropriate application of pressure helps to make exercise more relaxed and powerful.
  2. The waist protector has a supporting role. The harder waist support can provide a certain amount of support during exercise, hold the waist that is bent too much, reduce the muscles suffered, and protect the waist from sprains or soreness.
  3. The waist protector has the function of heat preservation. The double-layer or multi-layer material is softer and more comfortable. The waist protector has stronger heat preservation function. The warm waist protector can effectively maintain the waist temperature, accelerate blood circulation, and prevent colds and certain stomach discomforts.
  4. The waist protector has the effect of sculpting the body. In doing exercises related to the waist, a pressurized, heat-preserving and sweat-absorbent waist protector can accelerate the decomposition of fat and is an essential protective gear for waist fitness.
   5. The waist belt is suitable for people
   6. Rehabilitation and treatment of bone spurs, low back pain, sciatica and other diseases.
  7. Prevention and adjuvant treatment of lumbar syndromes such as lumbar spondylopathy and lumbar muscle strain;
   8. Engaged in manual labor and protection and support of the waist of the elderly and physically weak;
   9. Eliminate or relieve waist, abdomen, and back discomfort caused by overwork or fatigue.
   Which kind of waist belt is good?
   1. Consider the part to be protected by the sports belt. If you want to protect the lumbar spine, you should buy a high-position sports belt. If you want to protect the hips, you should buy a low-position sports belt.
  2. Consider whether the breathability of the sports belt is good or not. Whether it is winter or summer, if the breathability of the sports belt is not very good, then you will sweat a lot after wearing it, which is not good for your health, so be sure to buy a sports belt with strong breathability.
  3. Consider from the material of the sports belt. Choose a self-heating belt that is light and comfortable to wear.
   In short, before buying a waist belt, you should first figure out your real needs, and then choose a sports belt that suits you.
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