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What is the difference between surf sun protection clothing and ordinary surf clothing

The main function of surf sun protection clothing is to block the direct exposure of sun ultraviolet rays. Its function is the same as that of parasols. Sun protection clothing first became popular in the United States in 2007, and then entered China, and began to be mostly used in outdoor products, as in ordinary clothing. It is still relatively small, and then surf sunscreen clothing has been favored by many girls.
   Surfing sunscreen suit and ordinary surfing suit
   different fabrics:
Surfing suits generally use elastic fabrics, adding light-scattering materials to filter ultraviolet rays. Generally, the SPF coefficient can reach 50 or higher. The advantage is that there is no need to apply sunscreen. Ordinary surfing suits are generally cotton or quick-drying, and do not need to be refilled every 2 hours. . The style is tight.
   Different styles:
   The surfing suit is tight.
  Ordinary surfing suits are loose-fitting.
  Usage: Just wear it on the body, which can be understood as a skinny long-sleeved sunscreen T-shirt made of ordinary surfing clothing.
   choose a normal surfing suit:
  1. The content of spandex yarn: The international standard for the content of spandex yarn is about 18%. A good ordinary surfing suit must reach 18% spandex content.
  2. Elasticity: A good ordinary surfing suit should have very tight tension. Of course, the elasticity is not the greater the better, but the rebound and recovery are better, and it is good to be able to return to the original shape after multiple stretches. Good feel is also needed. Note that ordinary surfing suits are not as expensive as possible.
  3. Style and color: The style and color of the swimsuit is also an indispensable choice for everyone. It depends on personal preference.
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