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What exactly is a lycra suit

"Lycra" is the transliteration of the English word LYCRA. It was successfully researched by Bayer in Germany in 1937 and DuPont began production in 1959. Many people still don't know what Lycra clothing is.
Lycra clothing: Lycra fabrics are fabrics made of spandex fibers (short for Spandex polyurethane fibers). They are also called "Lycra" (the Cantonese pronunciation of Lycra) in the Cantonese area, and sometimes directly called "Spandex cloth" in the Mainland. .
   Lycra fabric itself does not keep warm, but any fabric can use Lycra. If Lycra is used for cotton fabric, it can keep warm.
  Because the Lycra fabric has unparalleled extensibility, it can closely fit the human body curve, but at the same time it will not make people feel tight, so it will be very comfortable to wear.
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