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How to maintain the surfing suit

Depending on the brand, the price of a surfing suit ranges from hundreds to thousands of dollars. If properly maintained, a surfing suit can be worn for two to three years. However, there are always some people who complain that expensive surfing suits can only be worn for one winter after they bought them, and when they wear them again next year, they become old and elastic. If so, it must be because: you are not properly maintained!
   Surfing Suit
"Sunlight is one of the main external causes of polymer aging, and it has a great impact on polymers used outdoors. The ultraviolet rays in sunlight are easily absorbed by polymers containing aldehydes, ketones and carbonyl groups, causing photochemical reactions. Infrared rays are absorbed by substances and converted into heat energy; as the temperature rises, the thermal aging of polymers and the thermal aging of oxygen become worse. Oxygen is an active gas that can oxidize many substances. The chemical aging of polymers is mainly caused by light, The oxidation reaction affected by heat and other factors. In the process of polymer processing, storage and use, it will inevitably come into contact with oxygen, so oxygen is one of the main factors leading to the chemical aging of the polymer.
   The reasons for the aging of rubber, a polymer material: sunlight, high temperature and oxygen. So, after surfing, what you can do:
   1. Wash the clothes with clean water to remove the salt and sand on the clothes;
  2. Hang in a cool place to dry;
   3. If you do not use it for a long time, seal it in a black plastic bag and place it in a dark place deep in the closet to block light and air.
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