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The purchase of surfing clothes
   Surfing suits are generally made of neoprene, and elastic synthetic rubber materials have good insulation properties. Winter and high-end surfing suits usually have lining materials, such as merino wool or polyester, to give extra warmth and draw moisture from the skin.
  The design of the surfing suit is to keep you warm while surfing in cold water. Their function is to absorb a thin layer of water between the skin and the neoprene. Heat water through your body to make you warm. The most important thing is to have a surfing suit that suits you, otherwise cold water will enter and the warm water will be flushed out.
   There are three main styles:
   1. Full set: cover the whole body to the ankles and wrists, there will be different thickness in summer or winter.
  2. Short-sleeved trousers: The trousers will go to the ankles and the sleeves to the elbows. They are mainly used in spring/summer/autumn.
  3. Short style: pants to knees, sleeves to elbows, mainly suitable for those warm summer days.
   Generally speaking, the thicker the neoprene, the higher the temperature of the surf suit. However, thicker neoprene will also reduce flexibility. Suggestions: 24-30°, 1.6mm thick; 21-30°, 3mm thick; 18-24°, 5mm thick; 10-21°, 6.5mm thick; 1.5-18°, 9.5mm thick.
   Chest zipper is now the most popular zipper system. It has a smaller zipper area, which means that there is less possibility of water passing through the seams, and there is no large zipper flowing along the back, so it is more comfortable and flexible to wear. But in recent years, zipperless raincoats have also appeared on the market. The advantage of no zipper is that no water can enter through the zipper, and the suit has more flexibility, but the disadvantage is that it is more difficult to get in and out.
   Glued and blind seam (GBS): Neoprene is glued together, and then blind seamed on the top. Blind needles are needles that never fully penetrate the neoprene, so there are no holes. GBS seams keep you warm by capturing a small layer of water in the suit and minimize cold water washout. This type of seam is found in warm and high-end surf clothing, suitable for winter or summer wear.