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The advantages and disadvantages of Lycra clothing
   Unparalleled malleability. Affected by Lycra, the fiber in Lycra cotton is easy to stretch, just like the rubber man in the comics, it can be stretched freely, and it can be restored to its original state when it is not stressed. This feature is suitable for clothes that are not easy to wrinkle and have excellent elasticity, and can be used on jeans instead of ironing.
   It's not easy to pick up the ball. Lycra cotton has a singeing process in the weaving process.
  It is harmful to the human body. Due to the commitment of the added material chemical fiber, it still has a certain amount of damage to the human skin. This is the powerful caustic soda produced by the cloth process. After all, the alliance is usually worn as much as possible, not to mention the leika cotton clothing.
   The texture is not too prominent. No matter how comfortable it feels or how comfortable it is to wear, it is not as good as pure cotton. But the plastic feels very good and is more suitable for use as a fabric.