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1. Apply the original washing powder solution for hand washing to the stains, cover the stains completely, and let stand for 5 minutes (during which time gently wipe the stains), and add washing powder for regular cleaning;
2. If the stain cannot be removed by the above method, then put the clothes in a basin, the colored part of the bottom of the basin, and use a blue moonlight cloth color stain net specification (600g) cap to measure a quarter of the net cap (10g) cloth color stain And 1/4 cap (10g) collar clean, pour it on the stains, other parts of the clothes without stains, prevent drying, marinate for 2 hours, and rinse. If there are still stains after two hours, you can extend the rest time to night.
  3. Note: The stains on colored clothing are not suitable for clothing that is easy to fade and easy to dry clean. Avoid contact with metal buttons, zippers and metal accessories on clothes, and avoid direct sunlight.