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Lycra fabric is an important chemical fiber fabric, which has advantages that other fabrics cannot compare. Among them, good elasticity and non-deformation are its biggest advantages. Whether it is pure Lycra fabric or fabric blended with other fibers, Lycra fabrics are very close-fitting and comfortable, with strong elasticity and resilience. Lycra garments with Lycra fabrics have many characteristics.
   Lycra clothes
  ①The fabric is soft and firm, with good drape. Because of this characteristic, Lycra fabric is more suitable for making all kinds of outerwear, making the clothes elegant and not easy to deform, giving full play to its advantages;
  ②The cloth surface is smooth and wrinkle resistance is good. Wearing clothes made of Lycra fabric, there is no need to worry about wrinkles, because its special material determines that the wrinkle resistance is one of the characteristics of Lycra;
  ③The elasticity is relaxed, comfortable and durable. High elasticity should be said to be the biggest feature of Lycra fabric. Its stretch performance is quite good, it can quickly return to its original shape after relaxation, and it can be stretched freely. Because of this feature, it is widely used in the production of underwear and fitness pants;
  ④ Good dimensional stability, easy to take care of. Taking care of clothes usually makes us feel troublesome. From washing to drying to storing, there are many things to pay attention to. The Lycra clothing is not demanding in this regard. This also helps us understand what kind of fabric Lycra is;
  ⑤ It absorbs moisture and dries quickly, and feels smooth. Lycra fabric is also very hygroscopic, and it can be used to make clothes, which can make people wear more comfortable and feel good.
   In addition, Lycra fabrics also have many advantages such as a wide range of applications, high comfort, a degree of relaxation, and freedom of style design.