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Diving suit is a kind of synthetic rubber foam. There are two kinds of white and black. Black is more commonly used. It has a delicate, soft, and elastic touch. It has the characteristics of shockproof, thermal insulation, elasticity, imperviousness, and airtightness. Wetsuits are divided into table cloth and lining cloth. The table cloth material is generally Lycra and nylon, and the lining material is foam rubber
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  Common diving suits are made of foam rubber. The better one is neoprene, which is in the form of a sandwich and is wrapped with nylon cloth or lycra cloth. Therefore, the thermal insulation effect of the wetsuit mainly depends on the foam rubber, and the thermal insulation effect of the wetsuit made of two kinds of fabrics is the same. The close-fitting comfort depends on nylon or Lycra table cloth.
   Wetsuit table cloth material
  The cloth material of the diving suit is generally nylon or Lycra. Lycra fabric has more threads per unit area and is more densely knitted, so it is more wear-resistant. In addition, the elasticity of lycra is better, so the diving suit made of lycra is less deformed. On the whole, the life of Lycra wetsuit will be longer than that of nylon wetsuit.
   In addition, there is another consideration that has nothing to do with functionality. There are many colors available for Lycra fabrics on the market. Therefore, if you want to be dazzling and beautiful in the water and be a male and female protagonist, Lycra fabrics will be a better choice. As for nylon fabrics can still occupy a place in the market, mainly because of its relatively low price.
   Wetsuit lining material
  The lining of the diving suit is generally foam rubber or neoprene. Foamed rubber is the main functional layer of the diving suit for cold and warmth, sun protection and anti-wear. Its quality directly determines the quality, effect and service cycle of the diving suit. Different thicknesses and stitching patterns determine the applicable environment of the wetsuit.
   Neoprene rubber has high tensile strength, elongation, reversible crystallinity, and good adhesion. Resistant to aging and heat. Excellent oil and chemical resistance. It is a better choice for diving suits. In addition to the above functions, foam rubber can also provide a certain buoyancy to a certain extent, which is helpful for diving/snorkeling